If you feel like donating to support the work that I do I accept cryptocurrencies at the addresses below

Bitcoin bc1q2n0nzjzts26he3j7hcm536k3qtjcwpxa6jlsn4 (qr code)

Ethereum 0x22B1deFAa56c6bB99Fa15BECb08b46fCeb3F8a44 (qr code)
(I also accept Chainlink (or any other erc20 tokens) at this ether address)

Litecoin ltc1qd8stqfujgjyyczs7f0xku99nc0scss4fnqtwva (qr code)

Monero 85e5b19cKyP4Wq3LxY3tYW2aDdqs5s3EjEpfv2PYdjXTHkFPQky9gtbJi4pmqsv4SZ2ppJC5uyhP15wwaP2BuqEr4mZg616 (qr code)

I also have a paypal you can send money to